Here's why you'll LOVE our Flies and Cultures:
OODLES of flies - You get 500-700! No kidding, scroll down for pictures.
VALUE - Cost per fly is the lowest out there.
Our flies are MITE FREE. Others cannot say the same.
Our flies are shipped separately from the culture medium.
This avoids flies drowning during shipment.
Mesh instead of excelsior = Easier feeding and a cleaner culture.
Our culture formula is nutritionally superior, producing more flies.
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Fruit Fly Culture - extra flies
Above left is the fly feeding culture. Above right is the container of living flightless fruit flies as they are packed and shipped to you. Upon receipt, place 25-50 flies into the feeding culture. After 1 or 2 weeks, the new culture will begin producing thousands of flies. Item is sent with many more flies than what is needed to start a new culture so that you will have plenty of food to use right away.

Below is the approximate number of flies (500-700) included with this item.
Choice of either d. Melanogaster (1/16 inch) or d. Hydei (1/8 inch).
Number of Melanogaster

Number of Hydei