melanogaster fly count
D. Melanogaster- Approximate number per order: 500-700+
We offer these flies in both Drosophila melanogaster (1/16'') and Drosophila hydei (1/8''). Neither can fly. Hydei are called flightless because they have wings but still cannot fly; Melanogaster are called wingless because...well, they have no wings. Both types can be ordered three ways: By themselves (what we call "flies only"), with a feeding culture or with one of our various sizes of fruit fly kits. If you order our "flies only", you should either have your own food for the flies or you should use the flies right away- they cannot survive long without food. Do not keep them in the shipping container.

hydei fly count
D. hydei- Approximate number per order: 500-700+. Image above shows just over 700 individuals.